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The Compliance Team
The Benefits of Continued Rural Health Clinic Accreditation
by Lesa Merchant, V.P. Field Operations

It’s been three busy years since all the preparations, organizing, and decluttering took place in anticipation of an accreditation survey. Why go through all of that again?

Much like when we clean out that overstuffed hall closet and declutter for visiting family or friends, we tend to think that a nice, clean organized closet is going to stay that way. Unfortunately, all too soon the coats, scarves and sporting gear start to pile up and the backward slide begins.

Similarly, in a busy clinic environment, during the three years since you first attained your RHC designation, adherence to processes and procedures start slipping and keeping up with day-to-day activities becomes more difficult. In addition, staffing and procedural changes are likely to occur, which make it more challenging to maintain a consistent approach to processes. Also, regulations change often. Re-accreditation ensures that your clinic stays up-to-date with The Compliance Team’s quality standards and all evidence of compliance as well as any new regulations.

Re-accreditation with The Compliance Team, Inc., offers the benefits of:
  • Expert evaluators and consistent surveys
  • Third party validation
  • Partnership principles and sustainable compliance
  • Commitment to improvement and success
  • Ongoing strengthening of standards to make you a stronger provider
  • Consistent focus on what matters most – THE PATIENT!

Currently, none of the hospital accreditation organizations have Medicare deeming authority for RHCs. Staying with your RHC accreditor enables you to remain Medicare certified without a state visit.

Continuous accreditation not only ensures that attention is given to processes, but also identifies the clinic as a community leader that has demonstrated a vested interest in ensuring validated quality patient care.

For information on The Compliance Team’s RHC Exemplary Provider accreditation:
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