1st woman-owned healthcare accreditation organization
Founded in 1994 by Sandra C. Canally, RN, The Compliance Team is the 1st privately held, for-profit, healthcare accreditation organization to receive deeming authority from the Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The firm also has the distinction of being a Certified Women's Business Enterprise, and is so recognized by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

“Every patient deserves exemplary care.”
The Compliance Team’s industry leading Exemplary Provider® brand of accreditation is predicated on two core beliefs— every patient deserves exemplary care, and it should not be difficult or costly for providers to achieve healthcare delivery excellence.

Accreditation simplified
The Compliance Team’s core mission is to promote healthcare delivery excellence through the implementation of sustainable quality improvement measures that simplify the accreditation process and establish Safety-Honesty-Caring® as core patient relationship goals.

Exemplary Provider® accreditation
The Compliance Team’s proprietary brand of healthcare accreditation was launched in 1998. Providers earn our Certificate of Accreditation and the rights to display the Exemplary Provider® symbol of excellence— the Great Seal of Asclepius when they score 90% or better as the result of a comprehensive on-site evaluation that reveals evidence of on-going compliance to program standards.

Accreditation redefined
The Compliance Team’s quality standards are written from a knowledgeable patient’s heightened expectations. The Safety-Honesty-Caring® Quality Standards and Evidence of Compliance at the heart of each Exemplary Provider® program represent a paradigm shift away from conventional top-down standards development.

Patient Protection Zone
Patient Protection Zone warning notices are used in each set of The Compliance Team’s Safety-Honesty-Caring® clinical quality standards to draw special attention to procedures and processes that are prone to harmful errors.

patient protection zone

exemplary provider sealGreat Seal of Asclepius
The Compliance Team’s official Exemplary Provider® accreditation Seal celebrates the ideals of healthcare excellence first attributed to Asclepius from Greek mythology. Early Greeks revered Asclepius for his brilliance and benevolence, and his fabled healing skills.

Our Seal serves as a contemporary reminder to all patients and their caregivers that the thousands of providers who hold the rights to display The Compliance Team’s symbol of excellence possess outstanding Safety-Honesty-Caring® healthcare delivery qualities while meeting all federal and state oversight requirements.

Certified Women's Business Enterprise    certified women's business enterprise