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The Compliance Team
The Compliance Team Announces New Accreditation Program - Patient-Centered Respiratory Home™
Outstanding patient care that goes beyond the ordinary deserves special recognition.
The Compliance Team recently announced its newest addition to its list of outstanding Exemplary Provider® programs. Patient-Centered Respiratory Home™ (PCRH) is the first accreditation program specifically designed to recognize advanced respiratory care home medical equipment providers who are performing at the top of their license-serving “critical needs” patients.

The Compliance Team’s Patient-Centered Respiratory Home™ accreditation track builds on our Medicare “deemed” Exemplary Provider® DMEPOS program by including the HME industry’s first product and service specific quality standards that cover access issues, provider coordination and prescriber communications.

Respiratory HME (Home Medical Equipment Services) specialists now have an accreditation program that helps them build a body of validated evidence that lets patients; prescribers and payers know that the highest levels of patient care are being practiced.

Sandra C. Canally, founder and CEO of The Compliance Team: “The Compliance Team develops new programs whenever we perceive a provider/patient need. With the evolving importance and payer demand around value-based care, we are seeing the increased need for an integrated care model that addresses coordination of care for patients with multiple conditions and/or who are on multiple medications. PCRH takes our Clinical Respiratory Accreditation program to a new level and offers providers an opportunity to expand their businesses.”

If you are accredited for Clinical Respiratory and would like to hear more about PCRH or if you are interested in pursuing new accreditations, please contact The Compliance Team at 215-654-9110.
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