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The Compliance Team
physician practice accreditation

Patient Centered Medical Home

The Compliance Team's Exemplary Provider® accreditation for Patient Centered Medical Home is a measured continuous quality improvement program incorporating the patient-centered practice guidelines as advanced by the Institute of Medicine and the nation's leading primary care physician societies.

Our plain language Safety-Honesty-Caring® Quality Standards and Evidence of Compliance focus on day-to-day practice operations with special emphasis given to health maintenance, diagnostic preventative screening as well as multi-specialty medical services and patient experience reporting and benchmarking. Patient Protection Zone "stop signs" alert staff to problematic administrative policies in addition to clinical procedures and processes that often lead to preventable medical errors.

Multitasking medical practices especially like that our program dramatically simplifies the accreditation process by including at no extra cost: expert mentoring and manuals; self-assessment checklists; corporate compliance anti-fraud plans; and our Patient Quality Measurement™ satisfaction reporting and benchmarking service. It all adds up to an unrivaled accreditation value.

Advantages of The Compliance Team’s Exemplary Provider® Accreditation:
• Meets state licensure requirements
• Streamlines day-to-day operations
• Addresses medical error reduction
• Improves the patient/ physician practice experience
• Benchmarks patient satisfaction
• Provides a distinguished Exemplary Provider® quality branding tool
• Positions your organization for long-term growth

* Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

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