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The Compliance Team
rural health clinic accreditation

Immediate Care Clinic
Every patient who enters your clinic without an appointment deserves exemplary care. That’s true whether your clinic is structured as an urgent care or convenient care “minute” clinic, a hospital-based non-emergent care unit, a stand-alone independent facility, a travel clinic as well as a clinic within a pharmacy or big box store.

The Compliance Team’s Exemplary Provider® accreditation puts safety, honesty and caring at the forefront of every patient’s needs while setting in-place comprehensive quality improvement measures that will streamline day-to-day business and clinical operations.

Clinics can range in scope from small in-store corner cubicles to mini ER’s with radiology equipment and medical specialists. With that in mind, The Compliance Team’s accreditation is custom-fitted to the type of services your clinic offers whether they are provided entirely by your facility’s staff, an outside source, or a collaborative effort.

Clinical performance as well as administrative efficiencies are the focus The Compliance Team’s industry leading plain language Safety-Honesty-Caring® quality standards. Expert advisor guided teleconferences and webinars, access to documents, and a HIPAA secure web-based patient satisfaction reporting and benchmarking portal are included at no extra charge. All are value-added accreditation firsts that will help your clinic get the quality recognition it deserves.

Once accredited, your Exemplary Provider® (EP) status will send the message to the community-at-large as well as referrals and third-party payers that your level of quality has been validated by an independent nationally recognized healthcare accreditation organization.

Advantages of The Compliance Team’s Exemplary Provider® Accreditation:
• Streamlines day-to-day operations
• Improves the patient/clinic experience
• Addresses medical error reduction
• Benchmarks patient satisfaction
• Provides a distinguished Exemplary Provider® quality branding tool
• Positions your organization for long-term growth

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