rural health clinic accreditation

The Compliance Team Supports Rural Healthcare Providers

The Compliance Team takes great pride in supporting rural healthcare initiatives through our partnership with the National Rural Healthcare Association, and as a corporate member of the National Association for Rural Health Clinics.

Among the many thousands of healthcare providers accredited by The Compliance Team, an outsized number are based in rural America.

Perhaps the reason why rural-based providers have such great success in our programs is because we take a distinctively common-sense approach to quality improvement.

The Compliance Team’s Exemplary Provider® healthcare accreditation programs are the nation’s first healthcare delivery guidelines developed from an informed patient’s perspective.

Safety-Honesty-Caring® is more than a slogan to us. Our accreditation process seamlessly becomes part of an organization’s everyday patient care procedure; answering the three most poignant concerns of a patient: Is this safe? Are these people honest? Do they really care about me?

Our easily understood quality standards and measures require that participants institute an operations-driven continuous improvement regimen that is customized to their specific healthcare service.

For good measure, each of our accreditation programs feature expert mentoring via teleconferences and webinars, manuals, self-assessment checklists, corporate compliance/anti-fraud plans, and electronic outcomes benchmarking as standard elements.

Streamlined operations, simplified validation process, now that’s an unrivaled healthcare accreditation value that rural-based providers especially appreciate.

CMS approves TCT accreditation for Rural Health Clinics   [read]

Here’s a sampling of what rural American healthcare providers have to say about us:

“Living in such a rural area, and not having a network of providers to share information with, we were really worried about going through the accreditation process. The Compliance Team provided straightforward instructions, and easy access to telephone or online consultation. The on-site survey was organized, and the surveyors were helpful and knowledgeable. I would certainly recommend them!”

Glenda Close CRT, RCP Hansford County Hospital District DME
Spearman, Texas 

“The Compliance Team, Inc. is very easy to work with and understands our small town business needs”

Erika Mikunda
Express Medical Inc.
Ladysmith, Wisconsin
Certified Women's Business Enterprise    certified women's business enterprise